About Us

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Hello Flavor Lovers;

Asmalı Konagi Cafe Shisha Lounge; It was established in Fatih Haseki, one of the most decent districts of Istanbul. Our cafe offers unique tastes of Turkish cuisine.

We offer a new style and concept of entertainment such as legendary tastes, Hookah, Okey Game, Backgammon.

You can have pleasant moments while tasting our delicious meals on your Special Days, Business Meetings, Group Meals, Breakfasts and League Matches in our establishment.

You can taste the unique tastes of Turkish Cuisine with your family and loved ones and have a great time with our magnificent shows.

Our Quality Policy

We continue our food safety studies by receiving professional consultancy services. This work is carried out by the ASMALI KONAĞI CAFE SECURITY TEAM under the leadership of a food engineer.

The food safety team consists of the chiefs of various departments in order to be able to solve all the problems related to food safety and to be versatile.

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